Onboarding Coaching

40 percent of new executive hires fail in the first year.

How are you going to make sure your new hire gets up to speed quickly in your fast paced organization, once the HR paperwork and orientation are complete, the doc review plan is on their desk, and they know where the lunch room is?

Onboarding Coaching can get your executives and managers started off in the direction of success!

What is Onboarding Coaching?

Onboarding coaching is a brief coaching engagement (approx. 90-100 days) for your new executive or managerial hire which helps dramatically cut down the time it takes for that new leader to get up to speed, resulting in a productive and focused first 100 days. It supports the new leader to:

  • develop goals, plans and relationships
  • reflect on and integrate themselves into the organizational culture
  • successfully navigate the organizational structure, systems, processes and information flow

The specific coaching activities include:

  • Initial, mid way and post coaching 3 way meeting with new hire, HR or supervisor and coach.
  • First 100 days personal onboarding plan and implementation support
  • Organizational Learning Goals: culture, business needs, structure, unwritten rules
  • Relationship Development Goals: 360 orientation
  • Goals/Plans for creating and sharing vision (if appropriate to position)

If you would like to further explore how to magnify the value of your strengths by becoming a Strengths Based Leader, please call 805-965-8595 or click here for a no cost one-on-one conversation with me. I would love to hear from you and support you in your practice as a Strengths Based Leader.

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