Executive Coaching and Your Success

Are you a business executive, entrepreneur, manager, or nonprofit leader who would like to lead your team and/or your company toward a clear, achievable vision of the future?

I am a certified executive coach (International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach; Center for Credentialing and Education, Board Certified Coach) with over 30 years of experience in leadership and management. I am based in Santa Barbara, CA and I’ve helped leaders worldwide. I have been an organizational and business leader as well as an external consultant. I help leaders like you (and teams like yours) excel. Together we build on your greatest assets to create and realize your compelling vision of the future.

We start by identifying your core leadership assets: your strengths, values, and wishes as well as your self-awareness and social awareness as they relate to how you manage and lead. We then apply all of your assets to creating and taking action on your clear path to the future. This executive coaching approach is effective and scalable whether you are striving for peak performance for yourself, your team, and/or your company.

As a result of this approach to peak performance you will likely develop greater competencies in one or more of these areas: self-confidence, self-reflection, motivation, impulse control, influence, team leadership/trust, communication/listening, risk-taking, discipline, strategic thinking/visioning, relationship building, delegation, negotiation, giving feedback, and execution.

As a coach I am your thinking and strategic listening partner as well as your accountability partner. I ask you powerful questions to encourage you to think beyond your normal stopping points. I provide feedback and support from an objective point of view. I challenge you to grow; I am in your corner.

If you would like to further explore how to magnify the value of your strengths by becoming a Strengths Based Leader, please call 805-965-8595 or click here for a no cost one-on-one conversation with me. I would love to hear from you and support you in your practice as a Strengths Based Leader.

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