Norbert Tan, MBA Executive Director, Ventura College Foundation Chair, Ventura County Leadership Academy

“I have been amazed how quickly my work with Patricia has yielded tangible results.  Within a few months of working with Patricia, I have had friends/colleagues/community members comment on how they’ve seen the positive changes in my demeanor, management style, and energy.  I just had a fellow board member say to me: ‘I see the change in you.. there is a light coming from [you] that was not there before… an energy that I saw when I first met you.’

Patricia has the tremendous ability to bring out the best in an executive, through deliberate assessment, mindful introspection, and strong encouragement to push oneself to be a better leader.

It’s almost as though Patricia has helped me break out of a leadership fog, or clean my ‘lenses,’ so I can see and perceive situations more clearly and thoughtfully.

The self-awareness work we have done has been so helpful. I am now able to walk into meetings, public events, and potential conflict situations –  and seamlessly assess my audience, environment, and how I’m feeling –  so I can engage and respond in a more thoughtful, empathetic, and strategic way than ever before.

Patricia truly embodies “what they don’t teach you in business school.”

Anonymous Executive Coaching client

Patricia is wonderful!  She looks at the whole picture and takes a comprehensive approach to coaching… insightful, positive and practical.

Kirby Gillispie, Executive Director, Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Thank you  again for your support.  You made a world of difference for me.

I was overwhelmed by the details of planning the event, and needed to step back and re-connect with my own passion for what we are doing.  Your coaching helped me do that, and also gave me excellent guidance for crafting my speech.

Cara, Preggers n’ Proud, www.preggersnproud.com

Coaching doesn’t mean just having a cheerleader
on my side, it means having honest feedback and
being pushed to do even better than I might have
done on my own. We could all use that.

 I was coached by Patricia on many occasions, and
I am personally shocked at how much I have
succeeded in my business. Coaching is the small
effect that makes a huge difference.

Bernie Schaeffer, Board President, Alpha Resource Center, Santa Barbara

The leadership strengths survey I completed in preparation for a board retreat two years ago, under Patricia’s direction, has guided me ever since in selecting the board activities and roles most suited to my interests and skills and the ones most likely to make a meaningful contribution to Alpha! Patricia’s input has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally.

Fran Gilliland, Executive Coaching Client

Working with Patricia was like a light bulb turning on.  She helped me realize my strengths and skills, and that I have the power to make my life what I want it to be – with meaningful, enjoyable work and the perfect balance between self, work and family.

 Our sessions were incredibly efficient and I was able to accomplish so much in a relatively short period of time.  Patricia has an amazing wealth of experience, which she shared openly – giving me many great tips on how to be organized, how to handle setting up the necessary business structure, and most importantly how to stay true to my vision.

E.S., Leadership Training Program Participant

I so much appreciate that you came to LSB to share a shortened version of the AI process with us. The realizations I had just in that short session with you, and the openings I see for my life as a result, feel like they could make a truly life-changing difference. I’m grateful for the challenge to reassess my priorities and my values, and to find a path that allows me to live in line with them.

Judy Hawkins, (former) Executive Director, Women’s Economic Ventures and the Small Business Loan Fund. Now: Judy Hawkins, Principal, Ruby Road Leadership

Patricia’s coaching helped me excel in my vital leadership role during a critical transition period in WEV’s growth.  I was able to build staff morale and operational efficiencies during a major agency staffing loss.  With her guidance, I managed a potential crisis with thoughtful direction, self-awareness and outcomes-oriented focus. I continue to value leadership coaching as a progressive investment for staff and business development where excellence is a goal.

Cynder Sinclair, (former) CEO, Girl Scouts of Tres Condados

Patricia, Thanks so much for a fantastic meeting today! It was so well organized and full of passion. You really helped us get on track to take this to the next level. We will be thinking about how we can work together with you in the future!

Cindy, Professional Training Program Participant

 Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and dedication to our [training program] this past week.  You obviously live what you teach and this is very refreshing to observe and experience. I thought your sessions were run well and very organized.  I know how challenging a tele-course can be and so I think you do a very fine job of managing this medium.

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